Saturday, March 14, 2009

Red Bag

I have just started on my first bag project. I bought a mini-bag for a little girl as a birthday present at the local markets and realised how easy it would be to make an adult size version. Fabulous red fabric and lining has been purchased and progress has been made, update to follow soon!

Poof - No Sorry, Pouffe

I covered our red cube pouffe with some groovy Ikea fabric. I was sick of red. Poof!! - hello white, green and blue with a funky tree design. Much better.

Quilt Mania

I have a single bed quilt that my mum made for me when I was little and I still like to sleep under it on hot nights, but thats not very cozy when there are two of you in the bed. So I decided to do a major sleeping arrangement upgrade and embark on a queen size quilt. Being a relative novice I decided on a "nine patch disappearing quilt". This is where you sew a nine patch square, cut it in half both directions, re-arrange the four resulting pieces and re-sew them together. It looks like you have elaborately cut a lot of different size squares and arranged them intricately together, but you haven't. I like a good short cut.

This took 81 original squares, sewed into 9 sets of 9 and all cut and re-arranged before sewing together for the final product. Took a couple of weeks, and a lot of running between the sewing machine and the ironing board before it was done. I backed it with white waffle cotton.

My pièce de résistance so far!

Heart Mobile

I made this heart mobile from felt remnants from the flag making. I actually saw the idea in a movie. I used my heart shaped cookie cutter for the template (it got a bit stained with pen...), and strung them together with regular cotton. The rod was just a pre-cut length from a craft shop. The only problem with this mobile was that it was very lightweight and one puff of wind sent it into a bit of a tangle. I gave it to a little girl called Isabel.

"Retro" Doona Cover

I have had some blue floral cotton fabric from the 1980s in my cupboard for a long time. It was actually two cotton double bed sheets that were used for camping/travelling. The cotton was lovely and thick and soft, really great quality, and had stood the test of time really well. I was suddenly inspired to make a donna cover out of it. I sewed two white fabric panels down each side to bring it to queen size, and sewed right around, leaving customary end opening for the doona, I didn't bother with any fasteners. Its beautiful to sleep under just by itself on a hot night too.

Flags - Take Three

I bit the bullet the other day and made a fabric set of flags out of my bag of remnants. I also got doubly fancy and used some pink bias binding tape to string the flags with. I ironed the tape in half and slotted the flags in and sewed right over the top of it all. These worked out great, if I do say so myself. I hope little Adelaide likes them!

Flags - Take Two

I made a few more sets of flags, for little girls this time. For Paloma a purple set, and for Freja a pink and green set. This time I just sewed the flags straight onto the binding tape, about 10cm apart. For pretty packaging I made some little pink fabric gift bags.

Photos of these have been lost for now, we are searching hard drives to find them again (oops).


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