Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sweet treats

Christmas baking was somewhat curtailed today as not a can of condensed milk was available in the supermarket yesterday.  But hey, we've probably already consumed enough sugar in the lead up to Christmas - last weekend I went to a Christmas dinner with friends toting along a cheesecake, a trifle and Christmas themed chocolates.

So today we did some low key cookie baking - most especially because Santa will need some sustenance on his way through our corner of the world tonight.

Last night I also whipped up a batch of these felt cookies for the food play set.  Absolutely perfect if you are watching your waistline - look and play, but don't eat - maybe I should leave these out for Santa instead?

And of course, we will be leaving a few of these out for the reindeer (on the finest English china)... in reality you know what I am going to be munching my way through before I head off to bed this evening...not one my favourite vegetables, but I'd better do it with a smile on my face, hadn't I, in the spirit of the season and all that.

Happy Christmas to you all!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growth spurt

[Warning: gratuitous baby photos!]

My little rotund, smiley, nearly four month old has graduated out of his newborn pants to a decent sized pair of Big Butt baby pants.  I've been hanging out to make a pair of these for him, they're an easy and fun project and I think I'll be making plenty more pairs of these for the young one.  You can get the pattern from Made by Rae.

Taking a picture of your baby's but is kind of a strange thing to do and I quickly realised I wasn't going to get anything better than this... a spot of impromptu tummy time let me get a pic of the back of his pants.

And now that I have covered the sewing commentary, I'll finish with a picture of the baby because I just can't stop taking pictures of those blue eyes!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sunday shop update

It's a rainy weekend here in Brisbane, looks like its going to be a rainy Christmas, although the combination of warm and rain really isn't that bad.  As a result of the weather I've spent plenty of the weekend at home which has meant being able to finish off a couple of things for the shop.

A green and white size 5 sun dress made from a vintage sheet - I just love the way this fabric feels, so soft, floaty and summery.

And a blue and white size 3 cross back pinafore top - all new fabrics for this one.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend where ever you are!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

All kinds of crazy

I confess, I went to Ikea on a Saturday - crazy I know.  I didn't only go for fabric, but I did buy a metre and a half of this lovely spotted fabric.  I love how you can cut your own fabric at Ikea, it feels nice to roll the heavy bolts across the measuring table and reach for the scissors to slice into it.  As a result of my trip to the great Swedish furniture warehouse an industrious session of chair cover making is going down in the sewing room at the moment.

I'm also sewing a few things for the shop, using a lovely organic cotton a friend gifted to me (she hung some on her wall and gave me the left overs, how nice is that!).

And a new pair of pants for the babe because when I was standing in the queue at the fabric shop to buy half a metre of blue cotton there was a blue checked seersucker remnant going for 20 cents that went perfectly with the blue, and well I just planned myself another sewing project right there and then.  Crazy, I know.


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