Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: G is for Grapes

Alphabet Tuesday is bought to you for the next few weeks from the lovely city of Sofia in Bulgaria. Its late Monday night here and coming into the small early morning hours on Tuesday in Australia. Good morning if you are waking up and reading this.

So as promised, blue food! I actually thought I was going to make these grapes out of some purple seersucker fabric I had, but then when I thought about the colours used in the original frieze there really isn't any purple so I decided to stick with blue. It felt weird to make blue grapes, I wonder if my son will point out this detail because he is very aware of such deviations from normality. Actually, I bet my boots he will notice. I am pretty adept at answering all sorts of curve ball questions from him, I'll have to think hard to explain blue grapes though. Typical.

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