Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Photo interrupted

I've been making away, down in my little sewing den.  Well kind of.  My mess has been migrating slowly upstairs as I am finding its a whole lot easier to get some work done in the living areas of the house rather than in a designated (and isolated) area.  Downstairs at night its very, very quiet and I miss the noise of the telly and chatting to my other half - but now that I have a little sewing space set up I also feel that sewing mess in the dining room is not really supposed to happen anymore.  I know nobody cares where I do my sewing, I figure its OK as long as I clean up after myself every few days (which is more than can be said for the mess of cottons and offcuts I have made on the floor downstairs!).

So I was trying to photo a few of my creations against the wall of the house this afternoon (the hot water system provides the perfect place to hang a coat hanger off), and the little man insisted on being included in some of my shots.  It's unusual for him to actually want to be photographed, so I was happy to oblige.


yardage girl said...

Nice making and fun interrupting!

Cotton Kiwi said...

Very cute! Loving that blue sleeved dress too!

Yana said...

lovely creations and a handsome model :) btw, like the new look of your blog :)


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