Thursday, August 4, 2011


After a lovely breakfast out on Sunday morning the family inevitably ended up in Avid Reader bookshop down in West End.  While my husband did the required reading to the little one in the kids book section (I can no longer get comfortable down on the floor to do that!) I had no other excuse not to wander off to the craft section and see what was new.

I ended up browsing through the new sewing book by Nicole Mallalieu - You Sew Girl!  A host of great projects and lovely photos were between the covers of this lovely book, and also a great section about sewing techniques and equipment.  Call me a nerd but I really like reading about those kind of things in sewing books (not all of them include them though) as I always learn something new or see how I do things the same or different to other sewers.  Nicole was writing about how much she used her rotary cutter to cut out patterns.  This had never occured to me before, I'm a bit scared of the good old rotary cutter, I do all my cutting with scissors.  I do have a cutter though and have used it for limited straight line cutting a few times.  I really thought of it as a quilting tool, not a dressmaking tool.

So this week I tried it out - using plenty of pressure on the cutter and pressing directly down as recommended by Nicole in her book I attempted cutting out the curved shapes of a softie pattern.  And it worked, it worked really well.  An exciting revelation in my sewing room, faster and smoother than using scissors, and only a little bit scary.  Although I have to find a surface to use it that is not down on the floor because as I mentioned already, I've got a problem with the floor at the moment!


yardage girl said...

I think I've only ever used mine for quilting cuts too - good idea!

Annika said...

I love my roatry cutter, but always just use it for straight lines. Will have to try curves!

Bungalowgirl said...

Love Avid Reader- the kids section is such a cosy place to sit and find some new books. I was just in their the other day looking at the craft books myself but didn't see that one. Am looking into a rotary cutter and mat too as soon as I can finish sorting out the room to sew in. melx


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