Thursday, November 17, 2011

This is more like it

A little bit of beach action on the weekend - so good for recharging the batteries.  Most importantly it got us all out of the house and out of town.

We shopped at the Eumundi markets and then drove onto Noosa for a body board and a swim (and a spot of reading and lying out on the sand for me).

Thought this post was entirely devoid of anything crafty?  Well, look again.  See that skirt?  The second one made by me from this tutorial.  I made it reversible so at 2m of two different quilting cottons it was more expensive than I usually spend on fabric for garment making, but it really is two pieces in one.

I have to admit that I made this skirt some time ago, just never got around to taking any photos of it.  The wind at the beach couldn't have been more helpful in showing off both sides of my skirt.

Oh, and that's baby M too, at almost 12 weeks.  He's starting to be called Mr Porky around here, he's getting to be a solid little boy!


m.e (Cathie) said...

how absolutely beautiful Caroline! what a little cutie ♥

that skirt looks awesome on you & you look pretty awesome too.

enjoy those cute little cuddles ♥

yardage girl said...

Really gorgeous photographs and love the skirt too - off to check out the tutorial - thanks!

Amanda said...

I was thinking what a lovely skirt you were wearing so I'm even more impressed that you made it. What a clever idea to make it reversible.

Yana said...

aww, Mr Porky is so cute!!!! the skirt is lovely. two in one is the best kind of clothing :)

Gina said...

Love the skirt, the kid and the whole beach affair. How great to get out and about.


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