Thursday, December 15, 2011

Growth spurt

[Warning: gratuitous baby photos!]

My little rotund, smiley, nearly four month old has graduated out of his newborn pants to a decent sized pair of Big Butt baby pants.  I've been hanging out to make a pair of these for him, they're an easy and fun project and I think I'll be making plenty more pairs of these for the young one.  You can get the pattern from Made by Rae.

Taking a picture of your baby's but is kind of a strange thing to do and I quickly realised I wasn't going to get anything better than this... a spot of impromptu tummy time let me get a pic of the back of his pants.

And now that I have covered the sewing commentary, I'll finish with a picture of the baby because I just can't stop taking pictures of those blue eyes!


Julie said...

Oh gosh hes so cute. Look at those eyes. The pants aren't bad either.

Suz said...

He is so beautiful!!! No wonder you can't stop taking photos!!! I'm getting so excited about our little bub (gotta wait another couple of months still)...wonder if we'll have a boy?!!


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