Monday, June 11, 2012

Staying in

A wet, cold and windy Queen's birthday long weekend here.  Three out of the four of us are in various stages of recovery from a runny nose lurgy that swept through our household last week.  We are inside with the heater running and the oven on making chocolate cake, meringues and grilled cheese sandwiches.  Later I'll be putting in some lamb to slow cook with potatoes.  When it's cold go for comfort food I say.

The floor is strewn with Duplo, kid craft paper offcuts, baby toys and sandwich crumbs.  The dining table is covered with sewing, sheet music and recipes and the coffee table is covered with my crochet granny squares.  

This weather is great motivation to try and get to the finish line with my crochet blanket. I've got 18 squares done and I'm aiming for 20 squares to make a small 4 x 5 blanket.

I have to get those spaghetti ends woven in and then work out how to join them together and do a nice edging around the outside border.

I'm also working on my couch dint in the process.

Are you having a cozy long weekend too?


Bungalowgirl said...

Your house sounds exactly like mine. I ended up leaving ABC kids on much longer than usual and parked the kids on a blanket on the the lounge room floor for a picnic dinner of scrambled eggs, frozen peas and homemade hot chips. Such good weather for crochet - your rug will be done in no time. melx

Yana said...

your blanket will be just gorgeous!!! and that food you were having sounds delicious :) xx


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