Tuesday, July 17, 2012

British bunting

Everyone in the UK is in on some Union Jack action at the moment.  Between the jubilee and the impending Olympic games British patriotism is at an all time high.  You don't just buy strawberries, or potatoes at the supermarket, you buy 'British strawberries' or 'British potatoes'.  The Union Jack was even making a star turn on a packet of nappies at Sainsburys.

The British also love their bunting and it's hanging all over the high street.  Here's a little sampling:

  Prim and proper shop front bunting

 Historic courtyard bunting

Upper crust jewellery store bunting

Bunting keeping a stiff upper lip in the cold wind and rain while cozy things beckon from inside

Sewing machine shop bunting!

A cute cushion made with British crowns, taxis and buses fabrics.

In a sunnier moment: English country garden patriotic pinwheel 

The effect of all this patriotism rubbed off on my five year old and he was compelled to give flag waving a bit of a try.

Tally ho!


yardage girl said...

It was the same when we were there in May ~ I love the Britishness of it all! I hope the weather improves for everyone!

Kylie Hunt said...

Oh how gorgeous! I love bunting and I love the union jack too, so union jack bunting has to be just the best! :) So jealous - London is my favourite place in the world. Wish I lived there still... anyway, it's lovely seeing your beautiful pics. Hope you're having a fabulous time! Kx

Jonathan Cannon said...

Fun pics! I was looking back at the Quilt Project, and enjoying your square. Wanted to drop a note.


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