Friday, October 15, 2010

Surely its not too late

To talk about last weekend, that is.  I had a little trip to Melbourne last weekend, mostly the purpose was to visit family, and I managed to squeezed in a catch up with precisely two friends.  I missed the rain deluge that hit Brisbane and instead enjoyed marvelous sunshiney Melbourne spring weather, and made it to the Finders Keepers Markets at the Docklands.

I had a fabulous time wandering around all the stalls, there were almost too many stalls to take it all in.  It was great to see it so busy and so successful for everyone there who was selling their wares. 

There were some stall holders that I have seen at the Brisbane markets so it was good to see them again, and I absolutely made sure I had a chat to Nicole of Yardage Design, she's really lovely.  I was pleased to take home a little bit of yardage myself...

...and Mum and I shared a purchase of a pair of house slippers each from Chimney House Shoes...

...and this tea towel caught my eye from Almond Tree Frames.

I left with $5 still in my wallet too! 


Little Ted Canvas said...

Great purchases, I'd have loved to go there. You'll be pleased you're not here this weekend, pouring rain & bitterly cold!

Yana said...

Sounds like you had a lovely time and got some nice goodies. :)

yardage girl said...

Lovely to meet you too - your top was instantly recognisable! Glad you enjoyed the market too. Nic


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