Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Birthday get up

I wasn't going to write a blog entry today - gosh I have had a shocker!  Nothing like having a hamper of dirty laundry stolen from under your house in the dead of night, is there?  Its intrusive, sick and down right creepy.  I am distracted by the mental calculations of what was in the hamper, weirded out by why they chose to knick off with the laundry and leave other more attractive items behind, and just plain frickin annoyed of the extra work created to replace diminished supplies of socks and jocks.  Geeeeeez.  Pissed off!

But no, according to the title of this post, we are not having to get around in our birthday suits in the event of a total wardrobe wipe out...

I am referring to a birthday gift I made for a special four year old who celebrated her birthday on the weekend.  I made her an A line skirt from my Little Bird pattern.  I even finally cut into my matryoshka doll fabric that I have had for some time now and appliqued one onto the skirt. 

I picked up a plain t-shirt at the department store and sewed two gathered ruffles down the front.  For this I followed the super easy tutorial from Sarah at Cotton Kiwi.

I wasn't sure if giving clothes as a gift was going to cut it for a four year old, would she prefer a toy instead I wondered?  Well as soon as the wrapper was off it was off to the kitchen to proudly show her Mum the new outfit, phew!


beck said...

What a fantastic outfit! Love the colours, I can see why the birthday girl was happy. Bummer about your washing. How bizarre. Reminds me of when all my clothes were stolen several years ago. It was so depressing, I have never go over losing my wedding dress, favourite jeans & my super soft pink cardi. Hope nothing else of yours goes might need to get a dog to scare intruders away! xo

Kate said...

Oh no! That is creepy.
All my favourite clothes were stolen a few years back from our car while we were selling at a farmers' market. It is such an aweful, invaded feeling.

Yana said...

stealing laundry - that is definitely weird!!!

the outfit is lovely :)


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