Thursday, November 4, 2010

My Creative Space: Monsterous

In my creative space today I am turning my attention to making a softie for the Mirabel Foundation

I am drawing inspiration from this dude.  His name around these parts is "little purple monster".  He's a bit of an ugly duckling but he certainly gets a lot of love, I think its partly due to his small size, perfect for a fistful of take it anywhere, anytime comfort.  Bigger is not always better you know when it comes to monsters!

I'm going off to rummage for some fabric and felt to make my own little version of monstery love.

Happy creating today in your creative space - to see them all head on over to Kootoyoo.


Kylie said...

He's rather cute I think and I love the photo of him being tightly clutched :) Good luck with your softie-making, Caroline! Perfect rainy day weather for making here in Brisbane today ;) K

Yana said...

he's cute :) look forward to your own creation :)

Adriana said...

He's a very cool monster!
Love those beady eyes...
Looking forward to seeing your new version.

june at noon said...

Aw, monstery love is just right! I do like that little guy.


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