Monday, January 3, 2011

Just been up to...

...a bit of campervanning around Tasmania.  Believe me the romance of what it sounds does not match the gritty reality.  Adventure none the less!

The good:
  • having your own lounge room and kitchen in tow where ever you go
  • sitting in your "lounge room" in Salamanca in Hobart eating cream cheese and Tasmanian smoked salmon on fresh bread rolls (erstwhile people watching)
  • grilled cheese on toast when ever you want it
  • gorgeous sun filled evening in a beautiful heritage town for the last day of 2010
  • not being able to play kids music on the stereo as the speakers are only in the front
  • the kid is a long way behind you
  • when the kid finally drops off to sleep in the top of the van you can do nothing but read a good novel until you too pass out
The bad:
  • the roaring 40s nearly blows the van off the road
  • the road is always sickeningly windey when its my turn to drive
  • repeated head injuries from low clearance in the van for adults
  • making the kid wee into a baked beans tin in the middle of a freezing night
  • needing to get out of the van to toilet yourself about 20mins after the hearing the sound of weeing in a baked beans can
The ugly:
  • cold showers at the camping ground amenity block
  • slipping over in the shower cubicle, crashing into your child who is bravely enduring the freezing reality of camping ground showers and then discovering that the door does not hold your weight (I'll leave that scene to your imagination)
  • falling over in the dark camping ground and removing skin from hands and elbows and getting a large bruise to the knee (and buggering my watch)
  • nary a vegetable has been eaten (do baked beans count?)


CurlyPops said...

Now that's certainly what you may call 'an adenture'!

Reminds me of camping trips when I was a kid - and probably the reason why I hate camping as an adult ha ha!

yardage girl said...

Hillarious! Glad there were lots of good bits to balance the not so good (but sometimes funny!) bits. Enjoy being in a house for a while!

Yana said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you'll remember this trip for a long time :)

The Clip Cafe said...

hehehe baked been tin. And a few Ouches! that's no good But I bet you will remember it all for years to come :-)


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