Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas, Evandale Tasmania

We went travelling on Christmas Day this year.  A lot of water and a bit of a cyclone in Queensland sent the Brisbane airport into chaos on what we expected to be a very cruisy travelling day of the year.  We made it to Tasmania just fine though.  Before going campervanning we had booked in to stay our first night at Blenheim historical house in Evandale, close to the Launceston airport.  We discovered a very beautiful and stunningly photogenic place with gorgeous hosts who also run a glass gallery and antiques store on their property.  I just wanted to share a few of the photos I took while visiting this magical place. 
Flowers in the garden were in full bloom and buzzing with acutal bumble bees.

The real thing for Christmas time! A holly tree (green berries still though).

A beautifully presented and scrumptious breakfast, just how I would love to wake up to breakfast everyday.

Poking around in the early morning sunshine I discovered many hidden and delicious corners in this courtyard.

The entrance to a walled garden.

The outdoor table that had hosted a family Christmas feast the day before.

A storeroom.

 And a laundry! Where else do you keep your plates and pitchers?

Thanks to our hosts Victoria and Robert for a wonderful stay.


The Clip Cafe said...

Looks delightful! Love the "secret Garden".

Julie said...

How beautiful. Thats my sort of holiday spot.

Yana said...

what a lovely place! i'm sure you will have fond memories of it :)


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