Saturday, February 12, 2011


Don't worry, I haven't suddenly turned into a home renovations blogger!  I promise, fabric does feature in at least one photo in this post...

I tried to set up my sewing machine on the built in desk downstairs - but the melamine top of the desk was too thin and flimsy and putting something heavy on it like a sewing machine made a decidedly nasty sag in the desk.  All very wobbly and not functional at all.  So, the desk had to come out.

I raided the tool box and got down to work.  I thought it was just screwed into the wall with big dirty nasty screws, but I realised that if all the screws have come out and the desk still won't move then it must be also glued to the wall.  I selected a few more tools and with some elbow grease I prised the desk from the wall.  To my horror the glue ripped the paint and plasterboard wall, but it isn't such a disaster after all because two things called spakfiller and sandpaper will fix the wall up like new.  I should soon be ready to paint over the patching and install my own desk.

I've also got a "gentleman's wardrobe" that I restored a few years ago ready for organising my gear into.  I piled the fabric inside, but it needs some shelves to be ideal for fabric storage.

Hopefully I'll be making good progress on my little room in the coming week.  Then I'll need a sewing project!

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Mary said...

I'm so excited for you! Nothing funner (is that a real word?)then setting up a new room!


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