Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trying to resume normal programming

Me on the back deck, my sewing space is going to be in the "granny flat" underneath

January has come and gone and its time I got back to my poor neglected blog.  My crafting gear is sitting downstairs also waiting for me to pay it some attention.  I feel tomorrow will be the day for plugging in the machine and having a play around in my new space.

January has been a tiring and exciting month filled with cleaning, sorting, chucking, keeping, packing, unpacking, connecting to essential services etc. - our new house is about 90% unpacked, still got tasks like hanging pictures and getting rid of a few last boxes of "stuff".   We have plans for a few simple improvements, mainly changing things to our own taste, not because there is anything inherently wrong (except for very dodgy television reception). And we have spent time getting to grips with...gardening.  As renters all our lives so far gardening was mostly a hack, chop and mow job around the time of real estate agent inspections.  Now we have a beautiful garden that has olive, avocado, grapefruit, lime, lemon and guava trees along with a few herbs so we hope to be able to expand the herbs and grow a few vegetables in the garden beds as well.  Bearing the responsibility of looking after the garden from a "not a natural gardener (black thumb)" kind of background has been capturing my attention these last weeks.  Gardening over sewing?  What ever will I do next?

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