Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Creative Space: one eyed

I finally made it to joining in on My Creative Space this year.  Despite all good intentions my usually prolific crafting vibe has been taking a back seat to.....sleeping.  I'm finding the need to sleep debilitating at the moment, mental strength to concentrate on sewing equals none.  I feel like I am operating with one eye open and one closed most of the time with my head in a fog and a body that needs dragging around.  It's all for a good reason though - I'm just busy incubating my second child.  I can still hardly believe it but I've seen it on the ultrasound, there's definitely a baby in there.

So speaking of new babies, I'm slowly sewing this little toy for my best friend from University who sent me and SMS a few weeks ago to announce the birth of her second son.  It was sure a surprise for me because due to a lost and never received Christmas card I never even knew she was pregnant!  She lives in Melbourne so we see each other rarely, but its the kind of friendship that it doesn't matter how many months or years in between actually catching up we can just pick things up where we left them last.  Friends like that are the most precious, don't you agree?  You know how we met?  We sat next to each other in a lecture theatre at uni orientation day back in 1994.  The most simple beginning to a friendship ever.

Once I get this little fella's other eye sewn on and give him a bit of stuffing I dare say he will be a lot more perky than I am!

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Kate said...

Hoorayyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! That is the best news Caroline!
I am thrilled for you three. I hope you perk up soon but if not it doesn't matter becaues you are pregnant!!!!! X

Cotton Kiwi said...

Congratulations Caroline! Awesome news!

Megan said...

oh i remember that tiredness, it is quite incredible! i was falling asleep on the couch with both my girls playing in the lounge around me! congratulations on your pregnancy, very exciting!

yardage girl said...

Congratulations! That is wonderful news. Rest up and enjoy the ride! Nic

Julie said...

Lovely news, give into the sleepy phase. xx

BOB & MABEL said...

Congrats! I agree with Julie, give into the sleepy phase. Your body needs it!

Jessi said...

congratulations on baby #2 and on this gorgeous creation that is taking place!! :)

m.e (Cathie) said...

i knew i missed something Caroline!!
congrats, hope you have a smooth pregnacy, happy incubating ♥


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