Sunday, March 27, 2011


I picked a lime off our tree.

I had my doubts about ripeness - but it was beautifully juicy and fragrant.

Only one thing to use it for really.

Disclaimer: in my current state, I unfortunately was not able to partake.

Thanks to Nic for THE INFORMATION.


yardage girl said...


yardage girl said...

Whoops - I just realised that might be taken the wrong way - laughs at posting about lime ripeness, not whether you can drink a G&T or not ;o)

Alicia said...

How wonderful, to have a lime tree in your yard, I can only dream of that, since I live in the North

Tania said...

I used to think that – and then I went away for the weekend and too many margheritas later...(YIKES).


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