Friday, July 22, 2011

Friday shop update

I've finally had time to add two more garments to the shop

The apple top has been a few weeks in the making (sooo many other things to do!), the wrap dress I made some time ago and just decided to list it.  Both are size 2, actually my most popular size funnily enough.  I've been battling non-stop windy weather and dull winter lighting in an effort just to take the photos - this shop caper can be time consuming! 

Red apple reversible cross back top - size 2

Vintage fabric reverse of apple cross back top - size 2

Garden party wrap dress - size 2

Garden party wrap dress - size 2


Cotton Kiwi said...

So cute! Love that garden party wrap dress. Sadly my girls are too big now. :o(

yardage girl said...


Bungalowgirl said...

That apple top is Gorgeous! I think size 1 and 2 are the smartest to sell as 1 year olds don't care what they wear! I would buy that top in a 3 but Liongirl is soooooo fussy she won't wear anything thick/heavy. She has several dresses she has refused to wear EVER. Very frustrating as she only wants cheap Target leggings and Tshirts. At least she has an assortment of interesting beanies! Thanks for getting back to me about the pattern (something she should wear)- my email is thanks again melx


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