Thursday, October 6, 2011

Free at last

I've lately been through a weird patch with my sewing - making under pressure.  Even though I have had practically zero time to do any sewing at all I have managed to complete quite a few projects that were either hanging over from before the baby made his surprise arrival, or were requested shortly after his arrival.

I've managed to finish making a cover for an Ikea chair (my late pregnancy foray into upholstering shall be the subject of another post, another time), I made two little pinafore dresses that were requested by a lovely local customer and I also made a baby blanket that was requested through the shop.

Phew - exhausting, yes? Now that's all out of the way I feel more of a lightness and a freedom to start creating again without any timelines or pressures to finish something by a certain date, or because I promised someone it would be done.  I feel like my slate is clean.

Now there's a half finished toddlers dress in the sewing room, and there's no pressure to get back to it until early next week when a sleeping baby and a five year old at kindergarten allows me some breathing space to snatch a little creative time.  I'm also starting to get a list of things I want to make ticking through my mind again, which is a good sign.  All I need is time.

More creativity over here.

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Bungalowgirl said...

Frankly i think you are doing amazingly well to finish a whole paragraph on a blog post let alone sew anything. Looking forward to freedom inspired sewing. by the way, i have browsing your shop for miss Liongirl, am very tempted by one little dress, if I sell a few things on ebay i will be back. melx


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