Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It took me all day

All day to load this dress onto the shop today.

Everytime I sat down at the computer I had a baby in one hand and could only do reading using the mouse with the other hand (let it be confirmed I am doing a lot of reading on the computer while feeding the baby!).  Eventually I cut and pasted and finger prodded my way to getting the listing completed - phew, what an effort.

That said, I did get some great weather for photography this morning, overcast but bright enough, and enough breaks in the wind so everything didn't blow around too much.

And, (yes, there's more), I got some new sewing machine needles and another roll of black thread from the store.

Small work, but feeling satisfied I got some of the little jobs ticked off my list today.


Adriana said...

The dress is beautiful.
It's always good to tick some things off a list. Even if they're only little things. Well done!

yardage girl said...

Yay for getting things done, and the dress is so pretty!

trishie said...

Beautiful dress, i love ticking things off a list.


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