Thursday, February 16, 2012

Going Japanese (translated)


I am currently a little bit ridiculously obsessed with sewing clothes for myself.  This is probably a good thing because:
1. I am breastfeeding and it hard to find nice clothes that are suitable for easy feeding
2. I'm fussy and its hard for me to find clothes that I actually like in the shops
3. Shopping with a baby in tow is the pits
4. I dig the idea of a "label free" and handmade wardrobe
5. I have vowed to wear less t-shirts and more blouse like tops with pretty prints
6. It's still decidedly hot here in Brisbane so I'm taking advantage of some lovely light cottons available at the fabric shop
7. It's kinder on the family budget and enjoyable to make my own

So I've been tracing patterns and am in the throws of making a few versions of this (the pattern cover illustrations are lousy but it does make a nice top, I'll model them for you later):

And I also ordered this book which arrived in my mailbox earlier in the week - I love a bit of parcel mail for me! (I reason that sewing my own clothes justifies the purchase of a new sewing book, or you might argue that such a thing never needs justification...)

The Stylish Dress Book - I may perhaps be a little late to come to the Japanese sewing book party, but recently a late night session of internet browsing on this topic had me itching to try some for myself. You should have a browse through the blog Make Something if you want some drop dead gorgeous inspiration.

And did you know that this particular book now comes in English?  Yes folks, last year it was released as an English translation with Western sizing from size 6 to size 16. Although I'm not afraid of trying a Japanese version, I think the translated version is a real bonus as an introduction to using these books.

Although a lot of the designs are not that breastfeeding friendly I am going to try a few things, I have my eye on shortening a particular style into a top, and I'm dreaming of what I would like to try later in the year when the weather cools down somewhat.  So today I'm tracing away from the patterns sheets (stealing husband's architectural tracing paper) and I'm going to grab some unwanted fabric and start making up a size to see how the fit is.  I kind of measure between a 12 hips and 14 bust, but the styles are very loose so I'm going to ignore the sizing table for now and "sew it and see".

Today I'm liking up over here, too.


Yana said...

i totally agree on making your own clothes and i'm totally obsessed with it too :) i have so much fabric already planed for certain clothes, just no time :( wow, didn't know about the book in english... i have the #2 of this book and i made a top from it.... the picture instructions were sufficient. i did find though that the finished top was way wider than what i needed, they are pretty loose. just keep trying it on as you sew and you should see if it needs changes. oh, make something is one of my fav blogs for clothing inspiration!!!!

Debra said...

i made a lot of my own clothes as well as for my children...a little these days as time and other interests take over...i have had a peek though at that book before and pondered...i bet a lot of girls would be pleased to hear it now translates...its so satisfying to make your own...x

Angie said...

Looking forward to seeing your breastfeeding-friendly sewing.....I could do with the inspiration!

Amanda said...

That looks a lovely book thanks for sharing the details and it's nice to know that it comes in English :)I've recently decided to try and make more things for myself too at least that way you can make them the perfect fit something I struggle with when buying shop bought clothes.

Bungalowgirl said...

Saw this book at the state library bookshop- will buy myself the little girl version once i actually knuckle down and do some real sewing. And I really like that pattern you found- looking forward to your creations. melx

Zoë said...

I saw this book on the haby goddess's newsletter and 1. thought of you and 2. thought it looked gorgeous. Great minds, clearly! Can't wait to see what you create. :)


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