Thursday, February 23, 2012

Slow and steady

Hello there!  Lots of slow and steady sewing around here, a list a mile long of things to get finished, or even get started on for that matter.

Today its wet, cool and very quiet in our neighbourhood.  Perfect for staying in, the only problem being is that I am increasingly getting hungry and there's nothing decent to eat in the cupboard (well, there sure is food, just nothing that I 'really' want to eat, you know).

Well anyway, the sewing - my top needs hemming but it's basically done.

And I've been down on the floor with my tools cutting out a pattern from the Japanese dress book I talked about last week.

The one I am making is the first one in the book, dress A.  Its super easy but still uses a good range of dressmaking skills.  Strangely for a practice run in a fabric I might not even wear I am going to a bit more trouble than I might otherwise, even making bias binding for the neckline.

Some pretty gathering in the front.

No sleeves to worry about.

I'm still curious about the fit so hopefully I'll have this one finished up in no time and I'll be able to think about using nicer fabric.

I'm linking up with Our Creative Spaces this week.


flowerpress said...

I like that fabric!

Julie said...

Looks beautiful, can't wait to see it modelled.

Sally said...

I really love that top you've sewed. What pattern did you use?

The detail with the trim is delightful.


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