Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A change, as good as a holiday, and one of those too

My winter time crafting fix has very surprisingly come in the form of crochet.  I had nearly given up on it and thought that finishing one small granny square blanket was going to be the death of me, but something just clicked and I was drawn to the hypnotic action of yarn and hook. 

I've also just been on a holiday to New Zealand so of course I packed the hook and a few balls of wool for the ride.  On a particularly balmy 10 degree (or so) day I sat outside our accommodation, on the shores of Lake Wanaka and indulged in the view and some crafting time, and a cup of tea (yes, my fingers got a bit cold, just had to keep them moving and then wrap them around the tea cup for respite!).

It was a peaceful and beautiful afternoon, no where to be, no body to look after.  I could look to the left to see snow topped mountains.

Or look to the right to see the township of Wanaka nestled around the shore of the lake. 

Too lazy to make a whole lot of individual squares and join them together I'm attempting a giant granny square blanket.  I've chosen cream, mint, lavender and a kind of oatmeal colouring.  

Not following any particular pattern, I crocheted with cream until I got sick of it and then changed to green, then decided on four rows of each colour and maybe back to cream, we'll see where it goes and how large it gets.  I hope this will be gracing the couch with its woolly warmth next winter at least.

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mel @ loved handmade said...

that is just lovely! I've been a terribly slack blogger of late, I'm hoping to pop back over here again more frequently..hoping!


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