Friday, June 28, 2013

Other creative pursuits...kind of

I have to whole heatedly confess that my sewing machine has been sitting idle for a few weeks now.  I have newly purchased fabric sitting in a bag and plans in my head for it but seemingly no time or will to marry these two things together.

We are in the final stages of the renovation of our back living room and deck.  The building dust and dirt is lying over everything, its all through our two under the house rooms, which is where my sewing room is, its in all the nooks and crannies upstairs and for goodness sake don't sit down too hard on the couch lest you should disappear momentarily in a cloud of the stuff.  Thank goodness we're getting a new couch in the near future!  I just can't lay any fabric out and reasonably expect to keep it clean, and going downstairs to the sewing room through the building site just to sit in a filthy room and look at my filthy sewing area makes me close to weeping - so I'm just not going there.  Crafty things are in hiatus until the renovation job is done and those builders are gone.

For a while after the builders leave though, and it might be an extended while, we have A LOT of painting to do.  The idea of getting everything back into ship shape order, looking out on the mess that everything is in now, kind of grabs me around the heart, and not in a good way.  I'm trying to turn a blind eye and embrace the paint roller in my hand rather than pins and fabric.

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Kylie Hunt said...

I can so empathise with you there! It's not great. I can't settle on anything if there is anyone in the house working on things. And I have to be really angry about something to be able to paint walls for long ;) I hope it all happens quickly and smoothly for you. K


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