Saturday, October 12, 2013

Holiday pet

So often I sew for the children, but hardly ever with them.  Last week, at his request, my big boy and I sat down together with sewing materials and made a little pet.  

The kids often flip through my Softies book and fantasize that I might be able to make them one of every toy (yeah right!).  A quick and easy project was the pattern for Arno the cat, no enlarging the pattern or special techniques needed, just tracing, cutting, sewing and stuffing.

He picked out fabrics from my stash cupboard and felt box and helped me to pin down the pattern pieces and push in the stuffing.  Any actual sewing was left for me to do, I didn't mind at all though, it's been ages since I made a softie myself.  He was keen from start to finish and I was surprised at his colour co-ordination, picking a blue felt for the face and the orange thread for the stitching.

We had fun and the result was perfect for my boy who loves a pocket sized, palm sized toy.

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