Thursday, October 3, 2013

Cloud washi dress

Technically this post belongs to Selfish Sewing week, but technically I started sewing this dress before the week started and technically I am writing a blog post about it in the week after.  And, if you are a regular reader you will, technically, have seen a few shots of this dress already - but I thought I would share the pictures my man took of me wearing it on our regular Sunday walk up the hill from our place to the local church.

This little church built in 1867 is a top a hill in Mitchelton and you get a view right over our local area all the way across to the skyscrapers of Brisbane city.  It's the halfway point on our walk it's here we catch the very last rays of the afternoon sun and re-set for the week ahead. We stop and sit on the benches in the cemetery and the kids have a run around on the lawn, then we walk the through-way between the properties down the the street above ours and wander our way around and along back to our house.  Just us four together, nowhere else to be and nothing else to do but just enjoy the walk, its a lovely family ritual - of course made all the nicer wearing a new summer dress you've just sewn up for yourself.

I think that's it for dress sewing for now, the pattern papers are folded away and the left over fabric is in the stash cupboard.  Although, I've got some shorts that need shortening for my littlest boy and the bigger boy wants to make a softie so I won't be away from my machine for long.


Nin said...

Oooh - I love this. The details are beautiful - the little cap sleeve the fabric print - it looks tailored and yet easy to wear. Perfection.

Lisa in Port Hope said...

The fabric is lovely and you did a really nice job with the fit. Did you raise the neckline? (i find mine is a little low cut)

Ellen said...

Just spotted your dress on Flikr! I have the same fabric with plans for the same dress. I just need to get my FBA problems fixed.
Love the way yoiurs came out so I should probably get working on re-drafting!


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