Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I live very close to a large Salvation Army store and am always popping in to peruse their offerings. Their fabric and pattern collections are really of no note, mostly just bad stuff from the 1980s, but I did have a good time looking through their tea-towels and old doilys, there was even a huge bag of embroidery thread in all colours of the rainbow. I didn't buy the bag of thread, but I did come away with these, $1 each.

I also bought some of those old souvenir teaspoons, you know, the daggy ones you would buy for grandma when you went on holiday. The Salvo shop has a huge basket of them, but really old ones, silver plated, none of this stainless steel stuff. Great conversation pieces for afternoon tea I think - and they look great with my old teacups.

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