Sunday, August 16, 2009

Something more I have finished

I finished my second doll the other day. My friend called her Miss Dotty after the dots on her dress. That fabric was old and a very thin cotton so I had to bolster it up a bit with some interfacing. That trick worked quite well.

I had a fiddly time fiddling with my original pattern to give her wider arms and legs, a more triangular body, more of a neck and better hair. I think I succeeded on a lot of levels and am very happy with the result. The only think I want to do better is her face. What did I do her eyes so wide apart for? I don't know, I guess because I did all the face details before the final construction that the result came out different than I expected after she was all done and stuffed. I do like her little felt collar though.

My sewing machine had a lot of trouble with sewing through the thickest parts, the tension cracked it (had that trouble before) and it had to go in for a service. I will be updating to a more serious sewing machine soon.

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