Friday, September 25, 2009

Meet Riki

My good friend's son turned one yesterday and of course I just had to make him a toy. A toy for a boy, no floral fabrics allowed.

I started work on Riki from scratch on Monday night. Sketched out an idea, made a pattern, cut it out, did the face, sewed the arms and legs together, and then.....I realised my poly-fill was in the storage cupboard in my son's room, and he was asleep so there was no way I was going to go rummaging in the cupboard with a torch.

So Tuesday morning I used some "study time" to stuff the arms and legs and get them sewn into the body. Gosh I really hate that step, everything is so lumpy and bumpy and things slip around at the last minute just as they are going under the presser foot of the machine. I unpicked one of the arms at least three or four times trying to get the positioning just right. I keep telling myself practice makes perfect, right?

Finally, turned and stuffed and sewed up. I added his hair at the last minute. He's ready for take off!


Yana said...

Riki is cool.. the rocket man! :D Great idea. (i'm with you about sewing on the arms and legs.. i wish there was an easier way)

jillirubin said...

Kent loves Riki & he fits right in amongst the robots and space monkeys in Kent's room. Thank you for this beautiful toy.


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