Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Eye spy

I made this doll a while ago, months ago in fact. I never liked the spacing of her eyes, they were un-naturally wide apart, like having eyes on your cheeks. You can see the original here.

Today I couldn't stand that wide eyed stare any longer. I got my seam ripper and sliced through the stitching. Yes, I cut out her eyes, just like that. I even plucked her eyelashes right out!

I sewed some mighty fine new eyes in a more acceptable eye location, put on new eyelashes (a little mascara), and gave her some little pink cheeks (blush, blush). I even made her a sweet pink apron to make up for the radical eye surgery.

Now she is finished, months after being "finished". A softie for Mirabel perhaps?

1 comment:

michelle-cherrie said...

she looks much better caroline


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