Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Toy Society Drop

My pile of softies is growing. Some are going to be donated to Softies for Mirabel, but today I decided to try out dropping a toy for The Toy Society.

The Toy Society is a street art project where you can handmake a little toy and then anonymously "drop" it in a public place to be found by a complete stranger. Nothing else to it, just spreading some love with a handmade toy looking for a nice home.

I decided to drop my red and blue matryoshka doll. I like her very much, but really I decided she needed a more exciting life than sitting on my crafting shelf at home. I packaged her all up with envelope and letter, sealed in a zip lock bag, and took off down to Southbank.

It was a hot one in Brisbane today. Loads of families were down at the Southbank beach and waterpark cooling off and enjoying themselves. It was so crowded that it was hard to find a place to drop the toy without being noticed. Eventually after swimming and eating ice-cream with my own family I left the toy at about 5pm on a bench near the entrance to the underground car park. It was a total rush, I felt like I had committed a crime and everyone saw me do it!

Plenty of families were heading home at that time of the day. I watched for a while, and many people walked by without even noticing the package at all.

We decided it was time for us too to drive home, and then on a whim we circled the car back to do another drive by. This was about 15 minutes later, and the toy was gone, the recipient leaving the string on the fence and the plastic bag on the ground. I take this as a sign of an excited kid ripping into it to get to the doll.

Enjoy, whoever you may be.


ellie said...

I sure would be excited to find a treasure like this at Southbank. I'm sure there's a little somebody curled up in bed right now with a new baby babushka friend.
Sounds like you had fun - I might have to make a secret drop one day soon.

Danielle said...

I'm a Bookcrossing fan so this has captured my heart - how splendid!


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