Thursday, December 10, 2009

My Creative Space

Its been too hot in Brisbane to do much lately. I am suffering from a bit of heat induced crafty/blogging-itis, just feel like lazing around like a lizard, and with looming holidays I am kind of winding down anyway.

So, what do I have on the go? I am cutting up these vintage sheets into fat quarters to make a patchwork, inspired by this one from Meet me at Mike's. There are a few more pieces of floral sheet fabric arriving in the mail this week - yay! The sheets are nice to work with in hot weather, they are thin, soft and cool. I also got a great $4 floral sheet from the Salvo's store as a backing piece. Maybe it will be all cut and stitched by the time we go on holidays, maybe not. Its holiday time after all!

For more creative spaces, head on over to Kirsty at Kootoyoo!


Vic said...

It's good not to have any expectations - I like that in a craft project - "maybe it'll be finished, maybe it won't - no biggy". Good philosophy... one I should adapt a lot more often me thinks, instead of running around yelling "Eeeeeek!".

Kate said...

Your quilt is going to look and feel fabulous! I love all those big prints together. Have a great holiday.

Melanie said...

great fabric finds there. They will make up into a quilt nicely. dont froget to show off your other fabrics when they arrive:)

yardage girl said...

Love the fabrics - mellow and homey - enjoy the holidays!

Catherine said...

I love those fabrics, they will look great in the quilt you chose. Enjoy your holidays, have fun relaxing.:)

Kylie said...

Fabulous idea and gorgeous sheets too! Have fun (if you can escape this heat!! Isn't it just awful!) I'm running away from it this year :) See you next year. K


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