Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Toy Society Christmas Drop

My second drop for The Toy Society was part of their Christmas Toy Drop.

This little toy went along on a road trip with our family from Brisbane.

Our destination was Melbourne and the plan was to do the drop along the way. We took off on Sunday but it was either raining or threatening rain, and the play parks in the highway towns were deserted.
I waited until Monday lunchtime when we pulled into a beautiful and well used park on the Castlereigh River in Coonabarabran, NSW. I left him in the tube slide, a quick toss in, a picture (can you see him in there?), and we moved on down the highway. Happy Christmas to the finder!

1 comment:

beck said...

I wonder who found him? I love the Toy Society and I simply MUST get on with doing my own drop. Did you ever hear back about your little fella? Love your blog xo


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