Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Little Things

I promised to do a post about what was in the box from a week or so ago, so here it is.

They don't have a name. They are just little things.

A little experiment of mine.

My most excellent friend Elizabeth has recently opened her new shop, Nest Nappies in Paddington, Brisbane. Its all about cloth nappies actually (if you use cloth nappies, or are thinking about it, and live in Brisbane, then definitely go and check her out). She does sell a range of other baby accessories and a general array of gorgeousness like slings and carriers, bibs, bags, hair clips and such. She has been lovely and supportive and put six of my little goodies in her shop.

Just to see.

How will they go?

All monies from any sales will go to the shop's chosen charity - Food, Water, Shelter.

Check them out too! A group of Australians doing great stuff for kids in Africa (and eco-friendly to boot!).


Yana said...

aww, they are so cute!! i hope you sell them all and get some orders! :)

thanks for your comments on my posts, they are appreciated :)

Anonymous said...

I just love your 'little things'. Hey, that is a cute name too. I really like the fabric of the yellow little thing in the second image. So sweet.

Good luck with the selling. Hmmm, may need to check the nappy shop out too in the New Year ;)

x Catherine


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