Monday, January 11, 2010

Cleaning up, taking stock

Gee, I have spent a lot of this morning catching up on blog reading, a lot of lovely things are happening already. Jodie at Ric Rac is making some awsome softies, Cam at Curlypops is hoping we all turn into superheros and Nic at Yardage Design is baking and crocheting, just like that! My mum tried to show me how to crochet once, a long, long time ago. I kind of remember it ending in tears and vowing never to touch it again....

Well anyway, I have cleaning rather than craft on my plate right now. When we left Brisbane a week before Christmas the lawn and garden were dried out to a crisp, the lemongrass plant was nearly dead, I had started to throw around some grey water to try and liven things up a bit in the garden department. Three weeks away and it seems to have rained the whole time - the grass on the back lawn was half-way up to my knees, the lemongrass has a second life, the weeds were sprouting everywhere, and a rather enthusiastic creeper has grown though a gap in a window of my son's bedroom and is flailing about mid-air looking for something to grow on - ick! There are plagues of ants and mosquitos to be squashed, smacked, sprayed and swatted. Piles of holiday washing have been done and dried, a huge pile of ironing consequently awaits my attention (I'm ignoring it).

Some sewing does await my attention very soon (at the expense of the ironing no doubt). A friend of mine had a baby yesterday so some presents need to be constructed and posted as a matter of priority, I am going to try my hand at screen printing with Thea from Thea & Sami in late January. I have also been working on my Dick Bruna project - I am up to E, but my eskimo has had pants but no shoes for a week or so. I also popped into Amitie while I was in Melbourne, it was beautiful. I bought a patchwork cushion kit, with binding around the edge, the instructions say "bind as you would a quilt." Thats extremely informative if you have never bound a quilt before, so I suppose that is on my "self-teach" list pretty soon.

Time for coffee, and considering the cleaning of the car...

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