Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Monkey business

I stayed up late last night, I suddenly realised that 0:55 is not five minutes to midnight, but 55 minutes past it. What was I doing? Pottering around and making a monkey. Sew a bit here, iron a bit there, stuff a bit in front of the telly, just sew it together before going to bed, actually, why not stuff it before get the idea.

This is Mabel Monkey from the Softies book (obviously he's the boy version, Marvin perhaps?). I made a few small changes from the original.

The banana posing was his idea, and yes, a ripe avocado does make a good seat, apparently.

(I won't have to put up with his antics for much longer as he is bound for Melbourne with the baby bibs very shortly.)


Catherine said...

That is such a great present for a new baby. I bought the More Softies book, some fabric and I need to get to it and make one for my friend who will be having a baby in March, at least I should get mine done in time.:)

Yana said...

aww, love that monkey! the boy version turned out very nicely! that softies book is just great :)


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