Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: K is for Key

I am just emerging from my post trip jet lag haze which this week threatened to make Alphabet Tuesday into a big fat N for Nothing.

I seem to be in the nicest, deepest, coziest and warmest phase of sleep at about 7am and the last two mornings have seen me indulging and sleeping in well close to midday (if its good enough for the three year old its good enough for me). But this morning life at Casa Maika Creations needed to snap back into reality and I was literally pushed out of bed, complaining and mumbling at 7:30am into my 10 degrees warm bathroom. I woke up the three year old at 8:15 because you know, I wouldn't want him to enjoy another sleep in if I wasn't going to have one.

After waving off child and husband to their various Tuesday activities I washed and scrubbed, took a visit from the plumber to get the bathroom sink back in working order and procrastined on the internet before I finally hooked up the sewing machine.

K is also for "kick that jet lag".

1 comment:

Ruby Star said...

Hi there, i'm really enjoying watching your alphabet book come together. So far it looks great.


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