Saturday, June 12, 2010

How medium is medium?

I started on making a smock top for myself and didn't get too far when I came across these directions:

Fits a medium. No numbers or measurements. The book is American, whats an American medium? There are instructions for enlarging or reducing the pattern, but I have no idea what the starting size really is. Really, how hard would it have been to measure their model. I have since read that this has been a criticism of the Seams to Me book. I have also read that the pattern is "on the small side". So this weekend:

A calico version for practice and sizing. This is proving useful as there has already been a few unpicking incidents as the penny drops as to what the instructions are trying to tell me. So far I have made the yoke, and it looks a good fit but I will really have to get it all sewn together to judge its fit on me, to see if I am a medium medium, or not. A little practice run is also giving me a chance to try new things, like gathering.

I hope I don't get too many new wrinkles over the weekend from frowning at the book and frowning at the sewing machine. I think its going to be worth it. I have my eye on some grey wool with embroidery on the yoke for a winter version...


Catherine said...

Goodluck with the sewing Caroline sounds like you are going to make something lovely. Look forward to seeing it:)

Ruby Star said...

Oh thats a good one... it's a medium. Great idea to do a calico version first, can't wait to see the actual finished garment.


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