Wednesday, June 23, 2010


I am still making my smock, don't worry, I haven't forgotten about it.

I did say I was going to find some grey wool for this project. I am quite into grey at the moment, must be the short days and cooler weather (otherwise known as winter). My quest for wool fabric was short lived when I discovered it is often mixed with synthetics and as such had "dry clean only" on the tag. Forget that! Unless I can throw it in the wash then its not going in my wardrobe. The feel and look of the fabrics I found were not what I was after at all.

Fate intervened on my trip to Ikea last week when I bought this large piece of pre-cut cotton fabric for only $7. Grey, just as I wanted, and with a fabulous star burst print.

Half the fabric has gone for the smock, and the other half means there's another Ikea skirt in the works.


Mary said...

Don't you just love IKEA?

Great piece of fabric, love the burst pattern.

Cotton Kiwi said...

It's gorgeous Caroline. It's my one and only complaint about New Zealand... that our road system is too small to cope with the traffic that Ikea generates (yes really, that's why we don't have one!)Probably a good thing for our budget though! That fabric will make a gorgeous skirt!

the textured leaf said...

Shamelessly I have this fabric and am coveting it. Maybe it will be a skirt?


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