Saturday, July 3, 2010

Saturday seam ripping

Nothing is safe from my scissors at home at the moment. There's nothing like the satisfaction of turning old, tired or boring into something with a new life and purpose.

Today I am ripping apart an old queen sized doona cover, its about 10 years old and is still usable but I've just grown out of the style of it. I often find getting the seam ripper into commercially made items is tough and I am always amazed at how many seams I have to get through and how tight they are, this doona is no exception. The seams are all top stitched so its pick, pick, rip about a centimetre, pick, pick, rip another centimetre. Little bits of cotton are flying everywhere as it comes apart.

My prize from all this picking and ripping is the chambray style cotton from the back of the cover to go with some Bots and Rockets fabric, for a small boy's bedroom. I am even going to keep the button closures from the original doona cover, which means one thing, I am going to tackle button holes on my machine. I have no fear of the button hole, I have no fear of the button hole...oh groan, who am I kidding?

1 comment:

Cotton Kiwi said...

I'm with you on the buttonhole fear. I often think it would be easier to just hand embroider them.


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