Friday, July 9, 2010

Timely greetings

Today the sun is shining beautifully, nice bright winter sun, and its low in the sky so it feels like late afternoon no matter what the actual time is. These kind of days seem to stretch on as you look expectantly at your watch only to find its a lot earlier than your body clock is telling you.

It was definitely fitting that I received my swap postcard in the mail today and it really fitted my mood and thoughts about this winter day. The card is a lovely mix of painting, beading, fabric and free stitching in beautiful washed out blues, reminiscent of clouds in the sky at the end of a day. A touch of glitter and sparkly beads and threads make it shine and a little floaty ribbon with the word TIME typed on it wings its way across the bottom of the card. The more I look at this card the more I see and appreciate the effort that went into its creation.

It came all the way from Northridge in California, thanks to Margarita. If you want to see more of the postcard swap loveliness, pop on over to the Flickr group here.


CurlyPops said...

Oh that is beautiful. I'm so late but I've promised to finish mine this weekend!

Little Ted Canvas said...

That is really lovely..

Debbie in Nashville said...


Pilgrim of the moon said...


Anonymous said...

This is gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, and for joining in the swap!


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