Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Alphabet Tuesday: X is for Xylophone

Have you ever seen an alphabet chart without a xylophone representing the letter X?  Its a bit of a pet hate of mine because the spelling of the word is hard and the sound of the X is really more a Z.

So I wondered today if there was a good alternative.  I looked up X in my pocket dictionary, there were about 25 entries in the X section (none of them X rated).  There were other X things - xenon, x chromosome, x axis, xerox, xylem, X-ray, even Xmas - so no, all very scientific.  I had to concede that xylophone is the most recognisable for children.

X doesn't really mark the spot, does it?


yardage girl said...

I'm with you on X - it's a tricky one to teach little ones too. Can't believe we're so close to the end of the alphabet ... Nic

Little Ted Canvas said...

Ooooh, nearly there now!!


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