Friday, December 10, 2010

Doily dress

Let me present the finished dress from yesterday.  I stole a few photos in the last afternoon light yesterday, the dress has already gone to its new home.  I only have the doily pinned on in these pictures, I hand stitched it to the dress last night.

This peasant dress is a super easy pattern from Libby Lu's Boutique (on Etsy).

I thought I knew better than the instructions when it came to the sleeves, and it turned out I was wrong!  The instructions say to sew the seam of the sleeve first, then do a very fiddly turn under and stitch to create the casing for the arm elastic.  I thought that was unecessarily complicated and turned under the long edge of the sleeve to make the elastic casing first, put the elastic in, and then sewed the arm seam.  The difference is hidden raw edges if you follow the instructions and a not so neat looking raw edge and elastic ends showing affair using my method.  Grrr.  Lesson learned.

I added a litle tag to the back using some floral ribbon, just so the recipient knows for sure which is the front and which is the back when getting dressed.


Megan said...

its lovely! and good idea about the ribbon as tag too :)

Maxabella said...

Beautiful. It has a lovely old-world charm but the fabric brings it straight into the 'now'. Any little girl would be charmed I'm sure. x

Yana said...

the dress turned out great! i've done a few of those i-know-better-than-to-follow-the-pattern and ended up with similar results :P oh well, thats how we learn best :)


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