Sunday, December 12, 2010

Rest with the best

Sheets for rest time at kindergarten next year. 

I was putting all the effort into making these thinking why, why, oh why? The boy doesn't do rest time, hasn't for ages, he's a twelve hours a day go, go, go kid.  Enforced rest time is boring, but the powers that be say there will be rest time so sheets are needed, in their own drawstring bag no less.  So you know, if you have got to have them, you may as well have the coolest.


Adriana said...

They look great!
I bet he'll be the coolest kid in the class.
Loving those robots!

Yana said...

haha, i think when everyone is doing it your little one will have a rest as well... the sheets really do look cool, they will be the envy of all the rest of the kids :)


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