Monday, September 12, 2011

Old towel, new tricks

At the back of the linen cupboard I found an old towel.  An odd sized, well used, pale green towel with a few stains here and there.  I washed it and cut it in thirds.

I went to the fabric store and bought half a metre of flanelette for $3.  I cut that into thirds.

I ventured back down to my sewing room and in a few stolen moments during the week I sewed towel and flanelette segments together (sewed the stains on the towel to the inside!).  Now I have three lovely and functional "burp cloths" (not that I set much score against "burping" my baby).  They're certainly not the neatest sewing job I have ever done (a bit of speed sewing required to finish off seams when baby started crying), but they're perfect for putting under his little head in the pram, over the bed sheets, on my lap or over my shoulder after a feed.  Baby can now have a little dribble or overflow of milk and I stay clean and dry and then just throw these little cloths in the wash when needed. 

But of course, sometimes he misses the cloths, and I get sicked on, and thats OK too.

Finished size if you are interested: 50cm long and 25cm wide

1 comment:

Yana said...

great job and i'm sure it felt nice to steal even a few moments at the sewing machine :)


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