Tuesday, January 3, 2012

A bowl of beans

This summer we grew beans, purple beans, they grew well on a tripod in the garden, nothing seemed to bother them except for a small nibble by some grasshoppers and we have just picked a whole bowl full.

Some of them are handsome and straight, others are twisted and kind of ugly.

I cooked some up for dinner, steamed them in with the potatoes and pumpkin.  Funnily enough when I opened the steamer the beans had turned green, a regular green bean colour.  I noticed later that the steamer water had gone a pinkish, purpley colour.  They were delicious, quite sweet tasting actually, but we left some of the beans on the plant too long as some were too stringy to eat, so now we know to pick them before they start to look too lumpy in their skins.  Now as an added bit of fun we are going to experiment with the mature beans, we've left a lot on the plant on purpose to see how much further they develop and in the mean time I have to go and discover what we can do with them...


m.e (Cathie) said...

gorgeous! we love purple beans round at ours too...or as they are called by the littlies "magic" beans.
we were also a little disappointed when they turned green..not that green is bad, but it was kind of like false advertising..hehehee ♥

Christina said...

We are growing the same beans. Thanks for the heads up. We shall pick them as soon as they are ready!



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