Tuesday, January 31, 2012

P is for...

I had limited time, like one afternoon to whip up a handmade gift for a visit that evening to a friend with a new baby.  What would I make?  Clothes? Nah, didn't have any suitable fabric in the stash.  Bibs? Nope, likewise didn't have everything I need to make them straight away.

You could be mistaken for thinking I settled on a softie "pushmi-pullyu"...which actually would be a fun thing to make - but I digress. 

 I sewed it up, did some pressing and pushing and primping and plumping...

...to end up with a playful puppy softie.


And how exactly did I get myself the time to pull this task off?

Why, play-doh pirates, of course!

Find the pattern here.

1 comment:

Bungalowgirl said...

Love this softy, gorgeous fabric. and you have got me thinking about the softy pushmi-pullyu- we are right in the middle of the extended big boy paperback with no pictures version of Dr Dolittle right now at bedtime, he loves it. melx


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