Monday, May 28, 2012

Escape artists

On Friday we skipped the whole school thing and ran away to the coast.  We were tired, sick of our relentless daily routine and personally, I needed to get out of town.  I took a leaf out of Kate's book, bundled the boys into the car and hit the highway. The weather was terrible but we barreled along in the rain to the Gold Coast to have lunch with my little brother and his girl who were holidaying from Melbourne.  I haven't seen my brother for about 18 months so a catch up was long overdue.  We ate toasted sandwiches and coffee and milkshakes, and finished with a serve of ice-cream for the five year old.  Simple and satisfying. Heading home the boys both caught up on some sleep in the back of the car and arriving home mid-afternoon we flicked on the heater and got cozy inside to while away the last few hours of our day.  A day off well spent in my book.

On Sunday we escaped again and had a lovely morning tea with friends and their brand new baby, decided going home was the least desired option so grabbed some lunch at a cafe and finished the day up down at Sandgate.  There was lots of rock throwing and splashing about, even a little bit of crocheting on top of the sea wall.  With the tide going out you could look like you were walking on water.

The afternoon weather was beautiful, definitely one of those days to appreciate all over again the place where you live.  Nothing like starting a new week refreshed in mind, body and spirit.


Kat said...

I think Kate had a good idea! Your escape weekend looks like it was loads of fun. Not this weekend but the weekend after we are going up to the Sunshine Coast. I am very much looking forward to it.

Steph said...

What a gorgeous weekend! Nothing beats just flying by the seat of your pants. HOpe your week is just as adventurous :) x

ellie said...

We went to the beach on Sunday as well. And didn't rush home, but walked and lingered and picked up treasures and found crystals in the rocks. And the kids had an icecream - ok, actually we all had icecreams! And then we stopped at the roadside fruit stall on the way home, and talked with the farmer and she showed us her fields of garlic.
I'm so glad you took a break this week. School is all good and well, but its equally important to stop and take time for resting and family, and doing nothing - soaking up the weather.
Enjoy the rest of your week


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