Monday, May 7, 2012

Snake in the grass

I'm not sure what sparked it but of late there has been serious pestering for a toy snake.  Who am I not to oblige the whims of my five year old?

I was sewing away at this during the week seriously wondering if my life had truly come down to baby care, school pick ups and drop offs, housework and...toy making on request.  A little known fact on this blog: I actually have a PhD in reptile research.  I really do.  Is sewing a reptile an acceptable departure from former scientific like reptillian intellectual pursuits?  I don't know, those kind of questions make my head hurt these days.

The 'results' of this particular sewing 'experiment' were that the snake (more like python) ended up a lot longer than I imagined it would.  It goes on,

and on,

and on.

Scientifically, to scale with a representative 5 year old - it's 'this' long.

And this feisty!


Conclusion: The backyard chicken had better watch out.

Thanks to Funky Friends Factory for the pattern, and Alex for being such a good sport. xx


Yana said...

haha, love the post! the snake is great and wow, your a DR! very smart and talented :) xx

Sally said...

Brilliant. Me thinks I might have a go at making that too... good for a toy/draught stop.


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